2007: The “Genius Bar” of the Hudson Valley Initiative

In 2007, MedAllies joined with two other Hudson Valley health care organizations—Taconic IPA (TIPA) and the non-profit convener, Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC)—to form the Hudson Valley Initiative (HVI). The goal was to improve health care quality through advancements in patient care delivery models, payment reform and health IT tools. The shared vision: To improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care in the Hudson Valley through improved and sustainable care delivery models.


Via the Hudson Valley Initiative, MedAllies assisted physicians in implementing EHRs and helped primary care providers become a patient-centered medical home.

Source: THINC

Simply put, MedAllies is the technical engine behind the success of the Hudson Valley Initiative.


The Direct Project builds on this success. It is meant to augment and improve existing data exchange capabilities. It is simple, secure, scalable, and standards-based.


MedAllies’ technical infrastructure enables providers to securely, accurately and instantly transfer vital clinical information in support of clinicians improving the care and outcomes of their patients, and achieving Meaningful Use requirements. MedAllies provides a national network capable of supporting interoperability of all clinicians: those using certified EHR systems, and, with MedAllies Mail, those using non-certified EHRs or still using paper records. By connecting providers who have installed certified EHR systems nationwide, MedAllies addresses real-world health care gaps, such as the lack of care coordination across care transitions. And it can do it in a way that is consistent with existing clinical workflows within EHRs. This leverages the government’s investment in EHR adoption and Meaningful Use.

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