For many organizations, MU2 represents a significant change from how they have implemented health IT in the past. Becoming part of a medical neighborhood requires not only internal IT implementation and practice transformation, but also participating in efforts that extend across an entire health care delivery community.


Thatís why MedAllies emphasizes clinician onboarding--working directly with you through a three-track, three-phase process.


MedAllies also helps organizations identify clinical trading partners with whom the organization can exchange information.

Some neighbors arenít ready or eligible to participate in MU2, but you can still communicate with them. They can use MedAllies Mail™. Part of MedAlliesí Direct Solutions™, MedAllies Mail provides a secure method for providers to communicate with health care organizations that are paper-based or donít have 2014 CEHRT systems.


The need to coordinate patient care across the care continuum is one of the fundamental health care lessons to emerge from the past decade. By helping build medical neighborhoods, MedAllies Direct Solutions supports better care coordination, allowing providers to improve care and earn Meaningful Use incentives.

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