MedAllies Mail™ v1.0, the latest addition to MedAllies Direct Solutions™ suite of services, is a secure e-mail service enabling organizations with certified EHR technology (CEHRT) to connect to paper-based and non-CEHRT systems. MedAllies Mail accelerates the path to MU2 compliance for sending organizations in need of recipients to meet transitions of care requirements.


It provides a secure method for providers to communicate with health care organizations across the community or across the nation. MedAllies Mail can be bundled with MedAllies Direct Solutions offerings or provided as a standalone option. It follows a secure email paradigm that meets Direct specifications. Like the broader MedAllies Direct Solutions offering, MedAllies Mail includes a provider directory that supports multiple Direct service addresses for any given health care provider, and relationships with any number of organizations and endpoints.


Through MedAllies Mail, customers can achieve comprehensive reach to the entire community or medical neighborhood, allowing for streamlined transitions of care even with organizations that are paper-based. By doing so, MedAllies Mail accelerates the path to Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU2) compliance for provider organizations in need of additional clinicians to meet transitions of care requirements.

MU2 Transitions of Care: We'll get you there.  

 MedAllies Mail features:
  • Provider directory following the ONC/IHE specifications

  • Fully Direct-compliant with technical specifications and accreditation

  • Adheres to industry security standards and follows industry best practices to ensure privacy and confidentiality of information

  • Allows for identity-based access to control certain features/functions compliant with HIPAA/HITECH regulations

  • Supports shared access to department inboxes, with selectable access-control privileges

  • Enables end user to

○ customize views;

edit preferences;
easily reset password;
create patient medical record folders to store documents; and
send information to any Direct-enabled provider.

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