We run a leading national Direct network.

Delivery of quality health care requires access to and meaningful use of pertinent clinical information at the point of care. The evolution of technology solutions gives providers the ability to use comprehensive and powerful technology applications across the community--and across the country. MedAllies Direct Solutions™ supports meaningful use of technology to support the three-part aim of better care, better health and lower costs.


We can do this because the MedAllies National Direct Network is the leading national Direct network. It connects to all EHNAC/DTAAP-accredited HISPs, more than 6,000 health care organizations and 200,000 Direct users. MedAllies also supports the required DSML interface and an additional LDAP interface for edge clients.


And we do it securely: MedAllies earned triple accreditation with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) - Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) in three areas:

      • Health Information Service Provider (HISP)
      • Certificate Authority (CA)
      • Registration Authority (RA)

MedAllies Direct Solutions includes

    • A national provider directory: Because all major direct networks have agreed to share their provider directories, all will de facto have the same extensive provider directory.


    • Medical email (MedAllies Mail™): MedAllies Mail v. 1.0 allows MU2 CEHRT organizations to connect to paper-based and non-MU2 CEHRT systems. This facilitates enhanced transition of care communication throughout the entire medical neighborhood while meeting the 10 percent transitions-of-care MU2 measure for the sending provider organization.


    • 24/7 help desk support


    • EHR certification assistance


    • A fully accredited Direct HISP: MedAllies’ triple accreditation by EHNAC-DirectTrust provides assurance to EHR vendors, providers and patients that we meet the highest industry standards.


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MedAllies’ triple accreditation by EHNAC-DirectTrust signals that we operate at the highest standard of privacy, security and trust-in-identity. This is important as assurance to our customers, but also to information trading partners who know they can trust and rely on MedAllies. That trust translates into cheaper, better, faster Direct exchange across a national network of accredited HISPs.